Economic intelligence:

strategic informations for companies

Created to help businesses, private and state companies, the provision of economic intelligence involving the provision of strategic informations for the protection and security of values and heritage, remains the main device that guarantees the survival of an economic entity in the world plagued by tough unfair competition of all kinds.

ARAR-Investigations helps companies that need to make delicate decisions at different levels for the development and implementation of the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve objectives such as improving positioning in the environment competitive.

More generally, we provide high confidentiality and strategic information to anticipate the risks of economic failure, this consists of cross-checking on qualified sources which guarantee effective support, even legal proceedings.

Spinning, surveillance, adultery and morality investigation

Spinning, information technique, carried out by monitoring the activities and contacts of an individual, by determining, his daily movements, his visits, his relationships and his occupations, is daily with us. This is due to the diligence of our detectives who make art of it.

ARAR-Investigations intervenes in many areas related to private problems, in particular when the protection of family or financial interests requires it.

More and more couples are affected by adultery and extramarital affairs. One in two couples has problems related to marital infidelity. More and more men and women believe that they are being deceived by their husband or their wife, and decide to assert their reason and their right.


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Experienced in collecting evidence information for legal proceedings, ARAR-Investigations provides experienced investigators but also collaborating jurists, lawyers and bailiffs.

Prevention & fraud detection/theft/scam

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No company is immune to fraud, the multiple harmful aspects of which require the implementation of prevention and detection procedures.

From simple theft of equipment to money laundering and embezzlement, these frauds damage the company's finances as much as they tarnish its image with its customers and suppliers.


The study of the functioning of your company and its environment will allow us to identify the risk factors and to reveal possible irregularities.

Following our control audit by the analytical examination and warning signals, the survey, data analysis, interviews and specific audits, and depending on the results obtained, our experts will suggest the implementation of corrective measures and will help you limit the impact of proven fraud or thwart the conspiracies that are unraveling. A final report will be given to you with all of our observations and recommendations.

Protection of company brands / Counterfeiting investigations / Counter industrial espionage

A brand is a sign that is used by a company to identify its products and services. At the sight of this sign, the public will be able to distinguish them from the products and services put on the market by another company. Brands therefore exercise a distinguishing function.

On the basis of the indications given by the brand, consumers, but also other companies (producers, traders, service providers) know from which company the products or services come and therefore which company is responsible for the products and services in question. The quality function is closely linked to this. Consumers expect products from the same brand to meet the same quality standards. Of course, a brand can also have an important advertising role. On the basis of the indication of the brand, the choice of the consumer will be influenced but it is important that the consumer can identify the link between the brand and a specific company. In short, it is extremely important for companies to register and protect their trademarks.

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ARAR-Investigations works for:

- Proceed to the identification of counterfeits and other products infringing IPR;
- Dismantle the networks of counterfeiters and counterfeiters;
- Ensure market intelligence and surveillance;

ARAR-Investigations is also working to satisfy its corporate or individual clients who are victims of industrial

espionage or targeted espionage by investing in the control and protection of telephone lines, computer systems, premises, vehicles, etc. ..

Basically, the various services provided, whether civil and criminal investigations, as well as special interventions are translated in the terms below:

  • Counter industrial espionage

  • Infiltration in an industrial or hostile environment

  • Company investigation as an agent under cover

  • Document expertise

  • The companies database

  • Risk assessment

  • Simulation and concealment of assets

  • Identification of companies

  • Intellectual protection (information, patents, documents, technology ...)

  • The background check

  • Criminal fire

  • The insurance scam

  • Counterfeiting or fraud

  • Money laundering

  • Customer hijacking

  • The scam 

  • Theft or diversion

  • Unfair competition

  • Finding the debtor

  • The localisation

  • Murder, murder or kidnapping

  • Close security (bodyguard)

  • Event / trade / industrial site monitoring

  • Safety advice / planning / intervention

  • Spinning and surveillance

  • Adultery investigations

  • Morality investigations

  • Solvency inquiries

  • Investigations on the reputation of a company and its mean directors

  • Missing person search

  • Heritage search

  • Against criminal labor tribunal investigation

  • CV check and professional experience

  • Checking sick leave

  • Address location